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Friends of Wiidookdaadiwin
Friends of Wiidookdaadiwin
Friends of Wiidookdaadiwin sculpture
Friends of Wiidookdaadiwin art piece
Friends of Wiidookdaadiwin
Friends of WiidookdaadiwinFriends of Wiidookdaadiwin sculptureFriends of Wiidookdaadiwin art pieceFriends of Wiidookdaadiwin

Project Description

Through a partnership with Beausoleil First Nation, a Heritage Canada grant in 2012 empowered the committee to commission a sculpture by Marlene Hilton Moore that encompassed everything important to them. This site, once open, will bring the vision of Wiidookdaadiwin – working together and helping one another, to life.

The OtherHalf Consultants provides fundraising counsel and strategic advice to a volunteer Committee, this partnership of a First Nations group with the County of Simcoe wishes to relocate a sculptural icon to Fort Willow, a historic site representing the coming together of early settlers and First Nations in this part of Ontario.

Project Details

Location: County of Simcoe

Organization:  Charity

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