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Ethnic Mosaic Alliance team
Ethnic Mosaic Alliance team
Ethnic Mosaic Alliance outdoor event
Ethnic Mosaic Alliance event
Ethnic Mosaic Alliance teamEthnic Mosaic Alliance outdoor eventEthnic Mosaic Alliance event

Project Description

The EMA is an umbrella organization working with the County of Simcoe and other ethno-cultural groups in Simcoe County to raise awareness of multi-culturalism, diversity and inclusion across the various communities of the County.  EMA is also working towards the building of a multi-cultural centre for the County.

EMA retained The Other Half to work with them to develop a new mission and vision for EMA along with organizational core values as part of the foundation for a new strategic plan.  The Other Half was also retained to develop a business plan for a new multi-cultural centre.

Project Details

Location: Simcoe County, Ontario

Organization:  Charity

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