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Making Change Michele Newton
Making Change Michele Newton
Making Change Education Program
Making Change Michele NewtonMaking Change Education Program

Project Description

Making Change is a non-profit organization of community volunteers whose goal is to spark broad community interest and foster conversations around inclusion and diversity, with a focus on raising awareness, and educating and exposing people to the Black community, Black culture, and issues around anti-Black racism.

Through activities, allyship, participation, discussion, programs and educational sessions, Making Change embraces the community values that connect us as people, bring us closer together, and encourage us to support each other.

The OtherHalf engaged with Making Change to support them through a Board Governance and Training process and creating the tools they needed to recruit and develop a strong and vibrant Board.

Supporting their vision, we facilitated discussions leading to a template and direction for the development of their strategic plan. This process included meetings with primary stakeholders engaged in the goal of “Making Change” become a sustainable and resilient organization. 

The OtherHalf is currently assisting Making Change in facilitating a Board Retreat, with the desired outcome of creating a cohesive vision, and long-term strategic outcomes to assist them in this next phase of development for Making Change.

Project Details

Location: Simcoe County, Ontario

Organization:  Not-for-profit

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