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Fundraising The Art of The Ask

The Art of the Ask

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And why it’s easier than you think!

The fundraising ask is not a financial transaction. Read that again. The fundraising ask is not a financial transaction! In fundraising, the ask is an opportunity to share a story, and the reason you are invested in the charity you are asking for. Take the money out of the act and focus on your belief! 


When you naturally, and passionately tell the why behind the charity you support, others will hear you. They will see why you care for the organization, or why you care for the cause it supports. If your team, and that includes anyone who supports you, can come to understand that the power of fundraising lies in the power of storytelling, you will grow your donor base! 


In your stories you must share the myriad of challenges, actions and outcomes that your organization has faced, resolved and experienced for the people, or community, you serve. Shout it all out! The more potential donors (and that is anyone in your audience!) understand what your organization is doing, and can connect to it, the more support you will gain. It’s easier than you think!


The power of empathy. The most powerful tool you have in your fundraising toolkit is your story. Your story is how you can build connections to the community and to your nonprofit, for the potential donor hearing it. That connection to your nonprofit’s cause, and how it will help better the community, is why people will choose to take action. 


How you tell the story. Beyond your person-to-person fundraising strategy, what other components make up your communications and marketing strategy? How are you getting your organizations’ news out there? Is it consistent with your mission, vision and values? Does it match the tone of your website? Is it consistent across all channels? Do you have a paid strategy?  Consider how far reaching you can truly go! With social media, the opportunities to share your stories are as far reaching as the web can take you. Certainly, you can spread your net out to the corners of your own community! The answer lies in how. 


But that is not all friends! You cannot forget Customer Relationship Management! What is your CRM? Your organization should have an internal guide that outlines your practices, use of technologies, and marketing that you implement as you attract, nurture, grow, and retain donor relationships. This is good business practice.


The art of the ask does not need to be complicated! Everyone associated with, and passionate about, your nonprofit has the ability to share your story and grow your donor base. 


Ultimately, this method in how to make the ask in fundraising is the same method used in sales, and by implementing you are shifting your charity’s strategies into a business mindset. Accepting that your organization is a business, and acting as such will help you not only in your fundraising efforts, but also in your sustainability and growth, and ultimately in your impact. 


We can help your team develop, and understand how to execute, custom-tailored fundraising and communications strategies!

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