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Google Grant Ads for Non-Profits

Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits | Webinar Takeaways

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Thank you to everyone who attended our free webinar on Google Ad Grants! Our webinar partner, Mintent walked us through the how and the why non-profits and charities should take advantage of Google Ads.

Many of our clients, and people who we’ve talked to in the sector, are not aware that non-profits can apply to receive up to $10,000 per month in Google Ad Grants, or if they are aware, they don’t know where to begin! Krista and Angela from @GetMintent gave us the introduction to the program that we need to get started. This is what was covered:

  1. Google Ad Grants 101
  2. How are other NPOs using Ad Grants?
  3. Digital Strategy – getting the most out of your grants
  4. Eligibility requirements
  5. How to manage your Google Ad Grant

In addition to what we learned, we had these takeaways from the Google Ad Grants webinar:

  • Intention – you need to have intention behind your Google Ad campaigns, and that intention needs to be consistent across all channels. We will always remind our clients of the importance of telling your story well to be able to recruit donors, sponsors, and supporters. The Google Ad campaign you create needs to amplify your story.
  • Investment – the investment here is time and human – you will need someone to check in on the ads and tweak them periodically. Like everything else, the ads need to be tended to. The good news is you only need to manage it every few weeks. Google does the rest!
  • Knowledge – you don’t need to be an expert! Companies like Mintent can help get you approved and will answer any questions you have. Once you’ve learned how to manage your Google Ad Grant you’ll wonder why you haven’t started sooner!

Remember, your website and social channels are living, you should always be proactive and consistent with your online presence, marketing, and communications activities. Combined with other regular web presence maintenance activities, Google Ad Grants are another tool you can use to increase your online visibility, attract more donations, and recruit staff, volunteers, board members, and brand ambassadors.


We’ll be hosting future webinars on various topics related to our work in the charitable sector. Let us know in the comments if there is anything you would like us to provide a future session on!



“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

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